slingshot rpm 2015


Quella di quest'anno si prospetta una delle migliori versioni di sempre dell'RPM! I primi feedback dei kiter sia italiani che di tutto il mondo sono veramente impressionanti. Se siete curiosi di sapere intanto cosa è cambiato vi riporto questa recensione molto accurata di John Perry. E come dice lui :TRY BEFORE YOU BUY! 

"So as far as Changes go. The bridal is the biggest change. 

So First thing you are gonna notice is the bar pressure and steering.

I like to describe it has lighter and tighter. The Pressure is lighter. the steering tighter. (More direct)

The turning speed is the same. the reaction time is a lot better. Fear not though if you unhook! you can still tune it down.
I am a lot more comfortable unhooked with this kite then the previous models. So much better.

The Stroke of power to de power is shorter! Not much but just enough to make it more comfortable for women children and men. Making it a more accessible kite for every one.

For surfing it is rad!

That brings me to the next point.


It is a lot more stable. getting rid of those pulleys made a big difference. In gusty winds the kite use to rock back and forward a lot. Which resulted in stalling at times.

It sits a bit more forward. So it does go up wind better. 
This is most noticeable in the larger sizes.

Better slack due to it sitting more foward. 
more direct. 
Less back stalling.

Jumping/ looping
this one sucked to get right. 
but After getting drooped out of the sky a few times we got it right. 

The Kite recovers so much better then previous years in a loop! it pulls and lifts threw the whole thing such a secure and nice feeling.

Jumping I find you dont have to move the kite nearly as much on those big floaty jumps.

But like i tell everyone TRY BEFORE YOU BUY

Godetevi questo splendido video 


John Perry 2015 Kiteboarding from River Roots on Vimeo.