Il problema: il vostro truck posteriore

Per scendere meglio: mettete più peso sul truck anteriore

Odio il wobble, esso avviene sempre nel momento in cui stai andando leggermente più forte del tuo solito! Tratto da Silverfish questa guida può aiutarci a capire e risolvere questo ricorrente problema. 

The wobbles arrive from the inherent instability of the skateboard trucks. The front wheel have a positive trail, and they behave like the front wheel of your bicycle, which makes it possible to ride with no hands. The rear trucks are reversed and the nemesis in the speed wobbles equation. If you have ever tried to ride or push a bike backwards you know the tendency for the front wheel (now on the back) to cause instability in the whole system. The corrections we make build upon each other in size until we stabilize or destroy the system.

OK, now you know what causes the problem how do we fix it?

 Loosen up: As you relax, you become a damper that absorb the oscillations

Lean Forward: More weight on your front truck increases stability

Initiate a Carve: Inducing your own oscillations rather than letting a hunting oscillation occur

Longer board: Longer boards have a larger turning radius making the corresponding oscillation larger and possibly easier to control

Remove slop: Make sure your pivot cups fit you pins, and all your nuts and bolts are appropriately tight

Wedging: this works well on your rear truck by reducing your turning radius; (Note: your board becomes directionally stabile, and unstable if you try ride the other way).

Bushing adjustment: Firmer bushings provide more dampening

Wider hangers: Larger turning radius