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Per tutti quelli che usano kite Ozone  di tipo Foil ecco una release ufficiale importante. Ogni 60 ore di volo Ozone consiglia di effettuare un controllo delle linee per mantenere sempre al top la vostra vela. Ecco la guida ufficiale relativa all'R1. Lo Speed system zero position è valido anche per i Chrono ed è buona abitudine farlo regolarmente in base all'utilizzo.

Checking your bridles for stretch or shrinkage After 60 hours of flying we recommend that you should change your R1 bridles and speed system to keep your wing flying at top performance. If you would like to check your bridle lengths then please use the following measurements on the next page. 



• Open your kite in a large space, big enough to spread your kite out fully. • Use tape measure to measure the bridles as in the image. • Print out the sheet and write down any differences on the sheet. If your bridles are out by more than 10mm then we recommend changing them, please get in touch with the shop you bought the kite from and they can order each line or a full set from Ozone if they do not already have stock of these.


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Speed System Zero position

You can check your speedsystem lines by leveling the front and back line pigtails, then tension the three top ends of the speedsystem where the bridle lines are attached, they should be at the same level +- 10mm. See picture below. If the difference between the three ends is bigger than 10mm you should replace your speedsystem.

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